WIP Wednesday!

That’s far longer between posts than I had intended, and lots of UFOs have passed on to be FOs since then. NaNoWriMo was kind of a distraction, though, and then Gmail decided to block my mail account out of the blue (still trying to settle that matter) and as I always forget my password I could not log into the blog without access to the email. XD I’m kind of surprised I seem to have managed to hit the right password, after all!

On the WIP pile a pair of Ysolda’s opera gloves, and fortunately it is nearly done, because this colour is hurting my eyes. Good thing they’re not for me to wear!

The rectangle is a swatch I made for a pair of legwarmers for my aunt, using the pattern of Baroque socks. They should turn out quite nice.

The tiny red/pink thing is half a smoothie hat made from leftovers. It’s part of my pre-knitting for next year’s Big Knit of Innocent Smoothies. It’s a great thing, and it gets rid of all that left over yarn. ^^ If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out!


With NaNoWriMo being over my days suddenly feel kind of empty and goalless. To compensate, I created myself a new goal and daily project for this month: Spinning the roving I had dyed a while ago, 20 minutes every day. That’s a bit more than 1/8th already spun in that picture. I hope I can get it done this year to knit the shawl it is intended for first thing next year.


To see more awsome WIPS, go have a look at them at Tami’s Ami’s blog.

(German behind the cut)

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UFO day 2 – WIPW

Since the last post, conveniently enough, I discovered Tami’s Work-in-Progress Wednesday, and I think I’ll shamelessly adopt it for UFO day. ^-^

With exams finally done I granted myself a whole evening of tea, chocolate, TV and knitting to work on the Skew socks, resulting in another half a sock. (Do two half socks count as one sock already? :P)


Only the legs and the cuffs left to do now. They’re on two seperate sets of needles because so I can knit from each end of the yarn and the leg as long as possible before I run out of yarn. Hope I can finish these until monday – I’d like to take them with me to Kyûdô class, handknitted socks are warm and comfy in the cold sports hall.

(German and French behind the cut)

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Still twitching + UFO day 1

So much for plans to post regularly. I have an excuse, though.


What does a pile of 648 chinese Kanji, plus more for Japanese and vocabs/grammar/linguistic stuff for both tell us? Right, exam time! Nearly done now, which means more time for thinking about blogs and my dishes have a chance of getting washed again.


Because I’m still unhappy about the fact that little ravelry WIP widget does not work with wordpress, I decided to compensate with a weekly extraterestrial post: UFO day!


Left: Half a skew sock which got started to avoid the task of undoing the last row of the Wings of Horus shawl (those rows are getting kind of long!). Definitely looking lightyears better than the first attempt in rainforest frog colours.

Right: One double Heelix sock in flavour 3. With self dyed yarn (the pastel one). These socks are insanely awsome, but the four stranded knitting is a pain in the ass.

Oh, look the resident okapi sneaked into the picture, too. Hello, Steve!


Wings of Horus (you’ll just have to trust me that that’s what it is :P), with a bonus ball of yarn stitchmaker made from polymer clay. I’m so torn. The shawl is awsome, the yarn is awsome, but the pattern is presented in a hard way, and the yarn is so thin and dark I can hardly see a thing. Good thing it is the current on-the-train knit, anyway. ^-^

Buried somewhere in the knitting box are Opera Gloves and a Travelling Woman shawl at the beginning of their existence, but I’m not digging those out now. Lazy, me? Naaah.

(German and French behind the cut)

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Project bag!

Granted, there are about 3 posts that should be made before this (including KnitNation. ouch!), but I just *have* to show this off because I just love it so much!

If you ever need or more likely want a great project back for your knitting stuff or whatever it is one needs to put away (I’m sure you can find some excuse :P) I can only recommendate the ones from Madbird.

All of her bags look amazing, but I’ve had my eyes set on this beauty for nearly half a year, and now I finally have it, thanks to my grandma who gave it to me for my birthday.

All I can say is that I totally love it. It’s much bigger than it looked like, so it won’t be used for its original purpose as a stitch marker keeper after all; instead its just the right size for a skein of lace and a lace shawl!


Not just the bag is awsome, it was very lovingly packed, too, wrapped in some lovely red paper, doubly secured with another layer of seethrough wrapping, and there even was a handwritten personal thank you note! It lay next to me, unpacked, for a while just so I could enjoy the nice wrapping for a while.

If you want one, you can order them from the etsy store, or from her website. It’s worth it, I tell you. 😛


What you see inside the bag, between, is the small beginning of my Wings of Horus shawl, in some green yarn I can tell you more about once I figure out where I put the wrapping paper. XD


The pattern is a little tiring to read, but I love the shawl so far, and imagining how it will probably look amazing once it’s done is well worth the trouble. 😀

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The dreaded zipper

I’m going to sew a zipper to my Vivian now. Wish me luck.

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A heart for knitting

Yay, knitting blog! Yes, this *is* a knitting blog, despite what this post might suggest. In any case there shall be knitting. Some day…

As a welcome gift I bring… row markers! They don’t have hooks yet, though, because the ones in the store were ridiculously expensive. The little number one who managed to get one will have the honour of accompanying me on the last steps of my Vivian’s hood. Made with Fimo Classic in colour 2. Need to remember to use Fimo Soft the next time, the edges should be far easier to smoothe out.


Aren’t they cute? I heart them! Terrible pun, I know…
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